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Action Heart



Action Heart delivers a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programme to a population of approximately 400 000 as part of its cardiovascular (CVD) rehabilitation and prevention programme.


Action Heart  has a purpose built facility which is available to patients 08:30 to 19.15 hrs, Monday to Friday.

The ‘Action Heart Centre’ at Russells Hall Hospital holds 140 pieces of cardiovascular/resistance equipment alongside changing rooms, consultation rooms, assessment suite and seminar room.


More than 1,000 CVD patients benefit from the Action Heart service each year, with its successful  network, business case and charity support within the local community having combined to secure its future.

The Action Heart Cardiac Rehabilitation service has a multidisciplinary  team routinely offering the following elements:-  


Early introduction to education/information (including Seminar Lecture series post discharge/repatriation)



Counselling service for patients and carers



Functional assessment (typically maximal exercise testing)



Stress management/psychological support as required



Supervised and/or independent exercise



Long term, 12 months, support



Routine functional and risk factor re-assessments, including risk factor control with Cardiac Liaison Nurses and links to  Primary Care CHD Register



Patient and carer involvement in peer support and buddying.



Walking groups (green gym), Fitness Walking and The Action Heart Running Club



Outdoor Gym Facility






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